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Meet Marqly, Manage your bookmarks like a pro.

Easy-to-use, Marqly lets you save, customize and manage all your bookmarks and texts online like a breeze.
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Built for everyone, manage your bookmarks like a pro.

Don’t let the good stuff escape from your eyes! Save them and come back anytime you want to.Simple to use, easy to manage, and secure to save, Marqly is for everyone to manage bookmarks without any fuss

Organize like a pro, simply.

Customize the way you save your important data, by organizing them inside collections, add tags, notes and more.
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Tag & Filters
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Group related bookmarks within the same context. Emphasize with a unique icon or color.

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Tag & Filters

Add tags to classify items. Search efficiently by type, tags, date or specific domain.

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Highlights & powerful search

All relevant info about bookmarks visible at a glance, so you can find anything fast with our advanced yet simple smart search. You can also highlight texts on the Internet and find them easily in the app under “highlights” board.

One dashboard for all manage your bookmarks

Easy-to-use, Marqly lets save, customize and manage all your bookmarks and texts online like a breeze.
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Multiple Views

View bookmarks the way you like. Grid, Headlines, Masonry, or List view modes.
View bookmarks the way you like. We have Grid, Headlines, Masonry, or List view modes.
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Dark mode & Themes

Define the look and feel of Marqly, the way you like.
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Instant Preview

Read articles, view videos, and browse the web without ever leaving the app.
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Access marqly from anywhere, great experience on mobile.
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Manual Sorting

Easily sort bookmarks the way you like, it make it easier for you to find what you looking for.
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Our advantages

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Designed To Be Personal

Discover and save the most interesting websites, add notes and save what’s important.
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Share with the world

Share boards and bookmarks with others, publicly and privately.
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Access it everywhere, anytime.

Marqly is available as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge extension. But we also have Web, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android app. Access your bookmarks seamlessly across all your devices.
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