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Meet Marqly, Manage your bookmarks like a pro.

Easy-to-use, Marqly lets you save, customize and manage all your bookmarks and texts online like a breeze.

Simple interface that helps you to manage all the important stuff

Don’t let the good stuff escape from your eyes! Save them and come back anytime you want to.

Simple to use, easy to manage, and secure to save, Marqly is for everyone to manage bookmarks without any fuss

Organize like a pro

Customize the way you save your important websites and texts, by organizing them inside boards, added tags, notes, and more.

Create & Customize Boards

Say goodbye to bookmarks mess with Marqly, create boards to organize your bookmarks like a pro.

Add tags

By adding tags you would have a quick way to find what you are looking for based on a specific tag. 

Highlight and save important texts.

Highlight and save all the important information online. Marqly gives you the ability to highlight texts with different colors while it auto-bookmarks the page for you.

Bookmark manager

Advanced Search, Made simple.

Searching bookmarks can be a hassle, but not with Marqly. Use the advanced search filtering to browse through all your saved items instantly. Search titles, links, tags, notes, date and many more.

Designed to be personal.

Discover and save the most interesting websites and texts on the web at your one click.

Safe & secure

Marqly is a secure bookmarks manager that protects your data and bookmarks. Your data is yours, delete anytime.

Access it everywhere, anytime

Marqly is available as a Chrome extension. Access your bookmarks seamlessly across all your devices.