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Free Plan
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Pro Plan
Billed as $24 yearly (auto-renewal)
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Can I use Marqly for free?

Absolutely! Marqly is completely free to use indefinitely. You can use it on unlimited devices and add up to 100 bookmarks in the free plan.

How is the Pro plan different from the Free?

Pro Plan allows you to add unlimited number of bookmarks, priority support service also being the first to try and test future features

Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?

For now Marqly has only a single pro plan which is $2 per month and billed as $24 yearly.

How is the payment being processed? Can I pay with Paypal?

We handle billing via Paddle. It's a very secured and well known payment provider used in companies such as MacPaw, Verizon, Framer and AdGuard. 
Paypal isn't supported for now, please check in the future for any change in payment processing. 

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