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Best Bookmark Manager for Chrome to Save and Organize Links Online

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Google Chrome bookmarks are very helpful in many ways. They help you to save your favorite websites, web pages, and other links that you want to remember. The bookmarks, when managed and organized properly, can save users’ time and effort to a great extent. At first management of bookmarks was a bit tricky for the majority of people, but now thankfully bookmark managers are here to help users with all the matters related to the management of bookmarks.

What Is Bookmarks Manager?

Using the bookmark managers you can save bookmarks, sync websites, save webpages, and can manage the bookmarks. Bookmark manager provides you with a list of all the bookmarks you have saved, allowing you to organize them according to the way you like best. Bookmark managers make it easier for users to quickly search for the bookmark they are looking for from a long list. Bookmark managers give users the flexibility to organize bookmarks in different folders and subfolders. Some bookmark managers include the feature of text highlight that further makes organization easier.

With the popularity of bookmarks manager, many extensions are now available. All these chrome bookmark managers have their distinct features and users can easily get their hands on the one they think is appropriate. While there is a long list of bookmark managers, the one that managed to impress us the most is Marqly. The features offered by Marqly to save and organize bookmarks in google chrome online are more than superb.

Here in this article, we will inform you of all the features that Marqly offers. Also, we will list some other bookmark managers that people all over the world are taking advantage of. So, keep on reading:

1. Marqly

Marqly, without any doubt, is the best bookmark manager for chrome. Using Marqly, the management and organization of bookmarks is super easy and quick. All you need to do is to add the extension to chrome and access it. Once you have signed in the extension you are all ready to use it.

Marqly allows users to create boards to organize bookmarks. You can create different boards and can save your bookmarks in the appropriate boards. Also, you can create several tags in each board to further classify your bookmarks. The addition of bookmarks in boards and tags makes it easier for the users to easily locate the bookmark when they need it. For example, you can create board sports and can add tags like cricket, badminton, soccer, and tennis in it. By adding the article related to cricket in board sports and tagging cricket, you can organize your bookmarks easily and can quickly access the article later.

Marqly image-20 Best Bookmark Manager for Chrome to Save and Organize Links Online

Marqly also enables the users to highlight the essential part of the article. If you want to access only a particular part of the long article, then you can use the Save Highlight feature of Marqly. You can then access this text by clicking on the text highlight feature on the left side of the windows.

Saving the bookmarks in Marqly is extremely easy. Just follow the simple procedure:

  • Open the extension and click on the plus sign,
  • After clicking the plus sign, a box will appear,
  • Select the appropriate board and tag,
  • Click on save and close and your bookmark is saved.
Marqly image-21 Best Bookmark Manager for Chrome to Save and Organize Links Online
Marqly image-22 Best Bookmark Manager for Chrome to Save and Organize Links Online

Marqly comes with a very simple interface. You can learn to use this bookmark manager without any help. If you have not yet tried this amazing extension, then you are surely missing out on something extremely productive.

2. Pocket

Pocket can be regarded as the most popular chrome bookmark manager. Thousands of people are taking the services of this bookmark manager and are compelled by its features. Pocket is available both as App and as a web extension, you can use it to save bookmarks online both on your phone and PC. Using pocket bookmark manager, you can:

  • Categorize bookmarks using folders and subfolders
  • Save the links forever
  • Get recommendations as per your interest
  • Alter the text size and style
  • Use the audio playback feature
  • Read articles even in the absence of the internet
  • Use tags to categorize the bookmarks
  • Highlight the important text

Save images, audio, and videos from the web or app

3. RainDrop

Next on the list of best bookmark managers is Raindrop. Raindrop is very simple to use and has every feature that the user demand of an excellent bookmark manager. Using Raindrop, you can create folders and subfolders, highlight the text, enjoy multiple views, and can save the bookmarks permanently. Web annotation is one distinct feature provided by Raindrop. Using this feature, you can save the article to read it later. Raindrop is a perfect bookmark manager for teams, as it permits the users to give the team access to see and manage the bookmarks. Out of all the features, the Cloud backup feature of raindrop impressed us the most. With this feature, you can access a copy of the link even when the link is taken down.

4. Elink.io

Elink.io allows users to save bookmarks from anywhere on the internet. Apart from the features that other bookmark managers offer, Elink.io allows users to update the information previously published. Grouping bookmarks in a collection and sharing them easily has also been made possible with Elink.io.

5. Google Bookmarks

Google bookmarks are the most common bookmark manager. There is a google bookmark extension available to help users with the organization and management of bookmarks. Using Google Bookmarks to manage bookmarks enable users to save the bookmarks in the cloud, add labels and tags to the bookmarks, and categorize the bookmarks. Due to the ease of use, Google Bookmarks is a popular option among many people.

6. Diigo

Diigo is an excellent bookmark manager that provides the option to add notes to the bookmark saved. Using Diigo you can filter your bookmark using tags and can easily locate the bookmark you are looking for. Diigo gained people’s attention by it see other people’s collection features. This feature works as a social network and allows users to see what others have saved or the content they have shared.

7. Booky

You can save your bookmarks and organize them online using Booky. Booky is a fast, efficient, and active bookmark manager. The custom design feature, sharable bookmarks, data security, easy access to bookmarks, and many other such features helped Booky to make its way to the list of best chrome bookmark managers.

8. Evernote

Last on the list of best bookmark managers for saving and organizing bookmarks in google chrome online is Evernote. Some worth discussing features of this bookmark manager include its ability to scan documents, calendars, templates, and syncing websites.


With the availability of multiple bookmark managers, it is now extremely easy to manage and organize your bookmarks. In this article, we discussed the best bookmark managers, with Marqly being on top. People who have used Marqly have agreed to the fact that the management of a bookmark is extremely simple using this extension. With all its features, Marqly is giving a tough time to all its competitors.

We hope this article will help you with your decision-making regarding the selection of the bookmark manager.

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