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4/5 Ways to Organize Bookmarks in Google Chrome

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The bookmark feature of google chrome is of incredible importance. Providing users with the opportunity to save the link to access them whenever needed is more than amazing. Using bookmarks users can save the links of their favorite web pages, sites, articles, and videos. When managed and organized properly, bookmarks can save a lot of time. People who know how to manage and organize bookmarks in google chrome are compelled by their usability and functionality.

On the other hand, people who are still not aware of the ways to manage bookmarks have to struggle a lot while using and accessing them. Some people don’t even know how to add bookmarks, and some cannot figure out how to view them. Before moving on to the ways to organize the bookmarks in google chrome it is first important to give readers insight on how to add and view the bookmarks.

To add bookmarks, you simply need to:

  • Open the website, article, video, webpage, or link you think is important and want to save,
  • Click on the star icon located on the right of the toolbar,
  • Select the appropriate folder,
  • Click done.
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To view the bookmarks, you have saved you need to:

  • Click on the three dots icon located at the top right of the windows,
  • Next click on bookmarks,
  • Then click on bookmarks manager,
  • And you will be directed toward the list of the bookmarks you have saved.
Marqly image-17 4/5 Ways to Organize Bookmarks in Google Chrome

By looking at the procedure above it is fair enough to say that creating bookmarks and viewing them is not difficult at all. However, the management of bookmarks is a bit tricky yet important. The mismanagement of bookmarks not only disturbs their functionality but also is annoying on the users’ part. Luckily there are many ways to help users organize their bookmarks. These ways are simple, easy, and quick. Here in this article, we will discuss the 4 ways that can help users in organizing their bookmarks in google chrome.

If you want to organize your bookmarks and cannot find the perfect way to do this, then congratulations you have landed on the perfect site. This article will act as a complete guide and will help you with the organization of your bookmarks in google chrome. So, continue reading:

1. Use Bookmark Manager

The easiest way to organize the bookmarks is to use the chrome bookmark manager. The bookmarks manager displays the whole list of bookmarks you have created and while allowing you to create folders as well. Having a list of all the bookmarks makes it easier for the users to manage them properly.

You can go through the list and delete the irrelevant bookmarks. You can also search for the bookmark you are looking for by simply typing a few words about the bookmark in the search bar displayed at the top of the bookmark manager window.

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Also, using the bookmark manager option you can easily remove the bookmarks not required. Importing, exporting, and adding new bookmarks is also possible using the chrome bookmark manager.

2. Create Appropriate Folders

By creating different folders and saving bookmarks in relevant folders, the users can easily organize them and can access them when needed.  You can create folders by clicking on the three dots icon displayed upon opening the bookmark manager windows. From the options displayed click on the new folder and give it an appropriate name. Creating folders saves user time and effort associated with searching the bookmark while keeping everything organized.

You can create folders named news, sports, entertainment, studies, and so on. You can organize and manage your bookmarks easily and quickly by adding the bookmark to the appropriate folder.

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You can also create subfolders and can further organize your bookmarks. For example, you can create subfolders like cricket, badminton, football, etc. in the sports folder and can save the link in the appropriate subfolder. Creating subfolders is extremely simple, just follow the steps shared below:

  • Click on the folder you want to create a subfolder in,
  • Once the folder is displayed, click on the three dots on the top right,
  • Click on the new folder,
  • Give the subfolder a proper name, and that’s it

3. Having a check on the bookmark bar

Another way to keep the bookmarks in google chrome organized is to click the show bookmark bar. The bookmark bar displays the bookmarks. By having your bookmarks displayed in the bookmark bar, you can organize them quickly.

Seeing the bookmarks in the bars upon opening the windows makes it easier for the users to delete the bookmarks not needed thus making the organization of bookmarks easier. You can have your bookmark displayed in the bookmark bar by:

  • Clicking on the three dots on the right side of the windows,
  • Check on bookmarks,
  • Check if there is a tick mark on the left side of the option” Show Bookmark Bar”,
  •  If there is a tick then you already have your bookmarks displayed in the bookmark bar,
  • If there is no tick then click on the option “Show Bookmark Bar” once, and you are done.
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4. Use Bookmark Manager Extensions

Last and the most useful way to organize the bookmarks is to do this using the bookmark extensions readily available. Bookmark manager extensions have become extremely popular among people for the organization of their bookmarks. There are many bookmark managers available, all having their unique features. However, the bookmark manager extension named Marqly managed to grab all our attention.

Marqly has all the features that the best bookmark manager for chrome is expected to have. Marqly allows users to easily keep their bookmarks organized in one place.

After installing the extension and signing up you can access it easily from within your Chrome browser. To do so, click on the 3-dots icon (top right) and then click more tools, and then select Extensions. From here you can choose to enable extensions and can it properly.

To help users with the organization of bookmarks, Marqly provides features like creating boards, text highlights, adding tags, and many others.

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Boards are the same as that of folders. You can create as many boards as want and can add links to the appropriate board. Also, you can add different tags to each board to quickly find the link you are looking for.

The text highlight feature makes the management of the bookmark further easier by allowing the users to view only the text they deem important. To highlight the text using Marqly you need to:

  • Select the text you want to highlight
  • Press left click
  • Click on the save highlight option
  • Then click on the text highlights option, and you will be directed toward the text that is highlighted
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Ending Note

To conclude we can say that organization of bookmarks in google chrome is not a difficult task. By understanding the ways of managing the bookmarks, you can reap all the benefits of the bookmark feature of google chrome.

In this article, we discussed the 4 easiest and simplest ways of organizing your bookmarks. By reading this article we hope that now you know how to organize the bookmarks and can enjoy all the benefits offered by the amazing bookmark feature of google chrome.

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