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How to Manage Bookmarks in Google Chrome?

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Bookmarks in Google Chrome allow users to save the links of their favorite web pages, images, PDF files, and videos, and to access them easily whenever needed. Mostly, users bookmark the links to a lot of sites but fail to manage them properly. As a result, they find difficulty in finding the desired link at the right time. Appropriate management of bookmarks in google chrome is essential for reaping the advantages of bookmarks to their fullest. Luckily, many Chrome bookmark managers are now available to help users easily manage their bookmarks.

If you have bookmarked multiple links and cannot find the right link at right time, then this article will help you a lot. In this article, we will provide you with details on how to manage bookmarks in google chrome easily. So, stick on, and read this article, as it will be extremely beneficial for you.

Adding Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Before discussing the ways regarding the management of bookmarks it is essential to first inform the readers of the procedure of adding the bookmarks in google chrome. You can add bookmarks in Google Chrome by following a few simple steps:

  1. First, visit the website, video, webpage, or link you want to bookmark.
  2. Next, look at the right side of the URL tab and click on the star icon. Upon clicking the star icon, the link will be bookmarked.

Using the keyboard, you just need to press Ctrl+D to bookmark your important links.

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Viewing The Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Many people cannot find where the bookmarks are located. To view the links, you have bookmarked, you just need to:

  1. Click the three dots on the top right corner of the windows.
  2. Then from the drop-down menu click on the bookmarks.
  3. Lastly, click on the show bookmark bar.
  4. You will be directed toward the links you have bookmarked.
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Accessing The Bookmark Manager

To access the bookmark manager users simply need to:
• First click on the three buttons icon present at the top right corner of the windows,
• Next, click on bookmarks, and then click on bookmark manager.

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Managing the Bookmarks in Google Chrome

You can manage the bookmarks in google chrome simply by making separate folders for different categories. The bookmark manager allows the users to create different folders to manage the bookmarks. For example, one can create a folder named personal and can save all the bookmarks related to personal stuff in it. Similarly, one can create a folder titled news and can save the links to news articles in that folder.

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Making appropriate folders and managing links in those folders allow the users to quickly find the link they are looking for, and thus saves time.

You can create as many folders as you want and can add numerous links to each folder. By saving the links in appropriate folders you will be able to manage the bookmarks easily.

Deleting The Bookmarks

You can simply delete the bookmarks you no longer need by:

  • Clicking the three dots on the top right corner of the windows,
  • Click on bookmarks and then on the bookmarks manager,
  • Once the list of your bookmark appears, click on the three buttons icon on the right of the bookmark you want to delete,
  • Click on delete and you are done.

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Accessing the Bookmarks Manager Extensions

Bookmark Manager Extensions are a way to extend the functionality of Bookmarks Manager. They can be installed and activated in a few clicks, and they will stay active until you uninstall or disable them. These extensions don’t require any configuration on your part: just install them, click the “Activate” button, and all their features will be immediately available. Many bookmark extensions are available allowing users to manage their bookmarks in a way better than before.

You can access the Bookmark Manager extensions from within your Chrome browser. To do so, click on the 3-dots icon (top right) and then click more tools, and then select Extensions. You will then see a list of all installed extensions. From here you can choose to enable extensions and can use them properly.

Many extensions are now available for managing bookmarks, you can choose the one you think is appropriate for you. The Chrome bookmark management extensions save webpages more efficiently. Using extensions for saving bookmarks saves all the efforts associated with using a menu bar for managing the bookmarks. Marqly is a simple one in all bookmark manager extension that is helping users globally with the management and organization of their bookmarks. Marqly offers many distinctive features that compel us to regard it as the best bookmark manager for chrome.

Managing The Bookmarks In Google Chrome Using Marqly Extensions

Managing bookmarks using Marqly extension is a piece of cake. Not only Marqly let the user manage the bookmarks, but also allows the users to Sync bookmarks, save links, and save websites. After installing the extension, you need to sign up, and then you are all ready to have your bookmarks managed. Using Marqly you can create boards like favorites, news, studies, entertainment, etc., and can save the links in the relevant boards easily. Also, this extension enables its users to add tags and notes to the folders, to make the classification and sorting of links further easier.

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Marqly is helpful in case you want to emphasize a certain portion of the article. Using the save highlight feature of Marqly, you can highlight the portion of text you think is important.

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Many times, people forget the folder they have saved the bookmarks in or cannot find the bookmark they need in the long list. Marqly has a solution to this problem as well. You can search for the link you need by simply typing a few words of the article in the search bar of the all bookmarks tab.

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Also, Marqly features a text highlight option. You can click on it to see only the text that you have highlighted.

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Editing the Bookmarks using Marqly

You can edit the bookmarks managed or saved in Marqly by following the steps shared below:

  • Point the cursor to the bookmark you want to edit
  • Click on the edit icon
  • Edit the bookmark, and click save & close
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Deleting The Bookmarks Using Marqly

Marqly allows you to delete the bookmarks you no longer need within seconds. To delete the bookmark, just highlight it and click on the trash can icon.


Bookmarks are designed to help users quickly locate saved articles, web pages, and links.  However, when not managed properly bookmarks become impractical. To reap full advantage of the bookmarks feature, you need to know the ways of using and managing it properly. Bookmark managing extensions play a vital role in assisting users to keep a track of the links they have bookmarked and in managing the bookmarks easily.

This article act as a guide for users looking for ways to manage the bookmarks, as it discussed the ways of managing the bookmarks both simply and while using the extension Marqly. The ways of editing and deleting bookmarks are also discussed in the article. We hope that by reading this detailed article you now know a lot about managing bookmarks in google chrome.

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